Crêpe/Pancake machine/Pannekoek masjien

100% South African


The price of a Infini pancake machine: R9 500.00

This Infini pancake machine bakes approximately 6 pancakes per minute that is total to 360 pancakes per hour. It works out approximately R1.75 per pancake.


    • There is two wheels heated by gas to bake the pancake on both sides
    • electricity is used to move the mechanical wheels
  • Average speed of baking pancake is 1 meter per minute
  • Pancake is 150mm wide and is cut in 170mm long pieces (pancake length depends the size you cut it in)
  • In one hour the machine can produce 360 crepe/pancakes.

The Infini version of the pancake machine is easier to use and has been in development for more than 50 years.


  1. The machine works do not give up.
  2. At least one person in the team should know properly how to use the machine.
  3. If the pancake mixture falls off STOP and start over (this means there is too much oil on the wheels)
  4. If the product sticks to the scissor it is still raw.
  5. the top pot should never run empty.
  6. if the line of people gets longer you should shorten the size you cut .


  • Wash all components after use except the wheels.
  • disconnect the rubber band from motor.
  • store the machine in a safe place.
  • components should be cleaned and dried properly.

*The wheels should only be wiped off with an dry cloth.

  • Weight: 20 kg
  • *Gas bottle is not included
  • Machine and its packaging is approximately 1.2m x 1m

can be used by food market or shopping centers pancakes is a traditional dish for all South Africans

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