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Pancakes/Pannekoek/Crêpes. The mere mention of the word and your eyes light up. Pancakes are the epitome of comfort food. Whether you’re eating them while wearing cozy slippers and lounging late one morning, or enjoying them as a fulfilling dinner, pancakes are a universal feel-good food. It’s perhaps the one meal that easily appeals to all ages, and can be found across the globe. Sweet or savory, and regardless of what you call them, this thin flat delightful food musters up memories and easily gets our stomachs grumbling.

In 2013 the Endless Pancake website was founded by Robbie Van Der Walt. This website markets this wonderful machine, which allows a person to bake large quantities of pancakes at a faster rate than the traditional pan. A definite “Must Have” for any restaurant, coffee shop or retail grocer that servers pancakes on a regular basis.